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Website creation and management - a small glitch/query

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Website creation and management - a small glitch/query
learning liferay training website
28/03/12 12:01
I am grateful to Hamish on Tuesday for his help in setting up the Fraudcast News website within the tender embrace of the visionOntv system.

Only problem is - how do I change the image/picture Raising Resistance that I put in on the Home page? Any ideas?

RE: Website creation and management - a small glitch/query
19/06/12 14:40 as a reply to Patrick Chalmers.
Seams to be fixed, site is looking pretty good, what do you wont to do with it next?

what functionality do you wont for the site?

interaction? adding stores? shared editing space (wiki) etc

RE: Website creation and management - a small glitch/query
fraudcastnews general ineptness liferay
19/06/12 15:02 as a reply to Hamish Campbell.
Hi Hamish

Welcome back!

I have a couple of additional queries now that Fraudcast News has been up and running for a while.

I'd like to change the PDF on the front page of http://fraudcastnews.net/ as I have done some corrections since this original file went up.

I will certainly change the file, my couple of questions would be:

1) is it possible to change the file without losing the download count?

2) how do I do it?

3) I'd also like to add my twitter feed to the frontpage, it already exists on this page (http://fraudcastnews.net/home). I started fiddling about with it before getting cold feet and decided to leave it as it was rather than risk deleting it entirely.

4) Is it possible to add a portlet/whatever allowing site visitors to contact me and/or leave their contact details? I'd love to know how.

5) I'd also like to add two tabs, one for an author's calendar of events and another for, yes, book reviews or somesuch.

I think that's quite enough for now.

Have I missed something, well more than one thing I'm sure, with all these things being explained to a doufus like me somewhere else on this site?