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> All-in-one shooting (no cuts, no computer editing) and you're ready to upload
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Watch examples of our mobile phone interview template:

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What people said about the training

"Possibly the single most important and empowering community event I've participated in"

"well-structured by experienced, knowledgeable professionals"

"an invaluable insight into the world of media/journalism"

"professional skills were provided in a very simple and accessible way"

"friendly trainers, simple explanation, no pressure"

"the focus on a follow-up was very inspirational"

"the team are amazing...they have opened doors for me."

Further workshops

Choose from our other available workshops:

- Video-making courses (camera work, sound, editing)
- How to edit a video (Premiere, Final Cut Pro…)
- How to upload and distribute your video 
- How to report an event
- How to run an interview
- Building an active community online with video and social media tools
- Many more courses available, contact us for more details

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