What's a forum for?

Forums can be hugely powerful tools for people to solve problems. You can come here looking for solutions and if you can't find one, you can ask a question. The community can then work together to find a solution.


Just Add a Category for the general subject header, then Post a Thread with your specific question.

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This is a place to discuss films on the main channels

Υποκατηγορίες: Friendlyfire, Globalviews, Grassroots, Hackney, Headmix, Περισσότεροι »
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Contemporary media debate & issues
This is a space for critical thinking about radical & contemporary media.
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Covert filming
Υποκατηγορίες: Concealing identity
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Creative Commons Music 0 1 1 RSS (Ανοίγει νέο παράθυρο)
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Gadgets - what to buy?
This is a place to discuss cameras, computers...

Υποκατηγορίες: Cameras, Laptops, Mic's, Mobile, Projecter
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Project management
Discussing issues around media projects, open source and process.
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Smartphone cameras
The latest tech.
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Technical Support
Please post and answer questions here about how/to's on any technical Q's

Υποκατηγορίες: Liferay CMS, Mobile Phone security/privacy, Smartphone cameras, Video Camera, Video Editing
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What to do on a demo
Discuss politics/strategy & effectiveness of demos.
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Creative Commons Music Richard Hering 1 43589 Ημερομηνία: 24/5/2013 9:55 πμ
Από: Richard Hering
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